Chasing Waterfalls

One of my main priorities in Iceland was to see as many waterfalls as possible with less than a week to explore. We ended up seeing three, which wasn't too shabby. The first was the mighty Gullfoss. The second was Selandjafoss, which we stumbled upon during our two hour drive to Vik. The waterfall was eerily deserted when we pulled into the black pebble parking lot. After opening the car door, I could immediately feel cool mist drifting from the falls. The rushing sound of water was heavenly. Growing up at the beach has given me a fondness for rushing bodies of water. The sound is so soothing.

We ventured to the edge of the falls as a tour bus pulled into the parking lot. Several visitors ventured up a walkway that led behind Selandjafoss. It started raining and I was worried about my camera, so Michael took off and enjoyed the view while I stashed my camera in the car. With over an hour left until we reached Vik, we eventually decided to continue our drive.

Our next stop was Skogafoss. This was my favorite waterfall. Tourists lined up against the misty edge with heavy duty tripods, capturing the magnificence of the crashing water. Words really can't describe how incredible it was to stand beside such a powerful force of nature. I felt tiny and far removed from the woes of everyday life. Social media, technology, work stress and fears about the future drifted into the back of my mind. I was able to bask in the waterfall's presence, undisturbed by reality.


The wonderful thing about Iceland was how strikingly beautiful every inch of the country was. Gullfoss, Selandjafoss and Skogafoss are pretty well known waterfalls, but venturing off the beaten path proved to hold amazing sights, too. We saw numerous streams, rivers and waterfalls while on the road. It was hard not to stop every couple of minutes and take photos of everything. If you're not visiting Iceland for the landscapes and the breathtaking scenery, you're doing it wrong. There's so much to take in. It's almost overwhelming, but in the greatest way possible.