Metz, France

After two days in Paris, we took the TGV high speed train to Metz, France.

I didn't know much about Metz before our trip. I read that it was a charming little town near the border of Germany, and that was enough to convince me to stay there for a week. Since we were working and traveling simultaneously, I figured it would be nice to kick back, relax, and focus on work for awhile. Metz fit the bill perfectly.

Our first day in Metz was a bit chaotic. We found our AirBnB quickly, but after our host left, we realized he gave us the wrong WiFi password. We tried to connect for fifteen minutes, but with no luck. We couldn't even contact our host, because we needed WiFi to message him. We decided to roam around Metz in search of free WiFi (luckily, that's common in Europe). We found a bunch of signals, but none of them worked. We ended up using a bartender's cell phone to call our host, but he didn't pick up, so we had to leave a message. Long story short, our internet was up and running about four hours later. 

After that crazy afternoon, the rest of the week was great. We became regulars at French Coffee Shop (they had amazing milkshakes and iced coffee), indulged in dozens of freshly baked croissants and pastries, drank more than our fair share of delicious wine, explored the Porte des Allemands castle, and admired the stained glass windows of the Metz Cathedral. We ate delicious pizza with champignon, chorizo, and fromage at a little Italian restaurant next to our flat called Le Pizzaiolo. We leisurely walked the meandering cobblestone streets and admired the 3,000-year-old architecture and history. And on our last night, we enjoyed savory crepes filled with roasted potatoes, smoked ham, and cheese. It was a refreshing, stress-free week that helped us adjust to the different time zone.

Fun fact: Metz is located near the tripoint of France, Germany, and Luxembourg! Because of this, the architecture and culture in Metz is heavily influenced by both France and Germany.

After a week of relaxation and exploration, we hopped on another train and headed for Germany to see Sara.