Christmas in Key West

My dad was lucky enough to land a job transfer to Key West back in October, so my parents are currently living in paradise as I freeze in Virginia's frosty winter. Actually, last Monday was the first day of spring, so that's not an accurate statement. And it's currently 63°F, so I shouldn't complain. (Honestly, though, I don't mind cold weather. I'm just sayin' - You can layer and layer to stay warm, but you can only take off so many articles of clothing until it's no longer socially acceptable...Actually, in Key West, those rules might not apply. I'm pretty sure anything goes down there.) I was sad that my parents were moving, but I was excited for their new adventure. I was also counting down the days to visit them for Christmas!

After weeks of anticipation, my brother and I flew down to Key West a few days before Christmas Eve. It's always a surreal feeling bundling up for a plane ride, reaching your destination, and having to change in the airport bathroom because the climate difference is so drastic. I went from wearing a warm Patagonia sweater to slipping on a summer dress and sandals. It was heavenly. The palm trees were swaying in the breeze, the sunshine was warm and bright, and roosters ran across the street and crowed loudly. It's amazing that four hours on a plane can get you to a totally different environment. 


Our week in Key West was filled with delicious seafood, boat rides, pina coladas, an abundance of Florida sunshine, snorkeling in turquoise waters, and plenty of laughs with my brother and parents. We took a tour of Harry Truman's Little White House, spent hours in the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, saw my dad's new office on base, explored every inch of Duvall Street, and rode beach cruisers along South Roosevelt Boulevard on Christmas Day. We also spent ample time relaxing, reminiscing on memories from the past, and playing with my parents' new kitten, Ginger. It was a perfect combination of sight-seeing and quality family time. One week in paradise wasn't nearly enough time, so I can't wait to return to Key West again.