Fall 2018 Playlist

We don’t get much of a fall season in Virginia. The leaves don’t turn until Thanksgiving, and it rains (a lot). It’s not uncommon for the temperature to go from freezing to humid over the span of a single day. When the weather finally levels out, it’s almost winter. Despite the fact that my home state can’t properly figure out the seasons, I still love basking in autumn activities. Apple picking, pumpkin carving, and hot cocoa drinking are just a few of my favorite things…especially when paired with a soft flannel and a warm scarf. Here’s a little playlist with some songs that have been keeping me cozy during the chilliest days of fall. Enjoy!


Summer 2018 Playlist

Summer is flying by in the way that only summer can do. The nights are deliciously warm, the days are unbearably humid, and the clock is moving forward at an unimaginable speed. Before the endless sunshine of the season makes way for autumn leaves and pumpkin patches, don’t forget to dip your toes into a refreshing pool (or the ocean!) one last time…and listen to this summer playlist, for good measure.


Spring 2018 Playlist

Spring is a delicious season of regrowth and rejuvenation. The blooming flowers and warm sunshine spark a feeling of genuine joy deep in my soul, and judging by the birds chirping excitedly outside my office window, I'm not the only one who feels that way. If you want some extra pep in your step during these revitalizing months, check out my spring playlist on Spotify!

Winter 2018 Playlist

It's been a cold winter, friends! Norfolk got about a foot of snow at the beginning of the month, which is wild. I initially enjoyed the quiet serenity of my neighborhood covered in a fresh blanket of snow, but it got old fast...mostly because the city basically shut down for a week. Fortunately, all those snow days gave me plenty of time to whip up a winter playlist. Enjoy!


Fall 2017 Playlist

With autumn sweeping in and laying a crisp, cold blanket over Norfolk, I've been bundling up in turtleneck sweaters, scarves, and leather boots. I adore this time of year. The blue skies and yellow leaves are enchanting, the chilly weather is refreshing, and the festive holidays are reason to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. Without further ado, here are some chill tunes to warm you up this fall.