Belgium and Luxembourg

The day after we got back from Switzerland, Kyle and I rented a car and decided to exlore Belgium and Luxembourg. First, we drove two hours to Dinant, Belgium. I saw a picture of Dinant on Pinterest, of all places, and immediately knew I wanted to see it in person. The drive only took two hours, and when we arrived, we were in awe. The scenery with the limestone cliff looming behind the church was stunning. 

We parked on a side street and walked to a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant for lunch. We ordered pomme frites (french fries), and they were everything I imagined Belgian pomme frites to be. Fun fact: Both France and Belgium claim ownership to the creation of pomme frites. They're also slightly different than American French fries, as they're fried twice in duck fat. The ones we ate in Dinant were delicious! They were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Kyle's expression of delight (below) says it all.

After walking around for a bit and buying a ton of Leonidas chocolate (my favorite brand of chocolate EVER!), we hopped in the car and headed to Luxembourg City. On the way to Dinant, we passed through Luxembourg, and it only took us half an hour to drive through the entire country. Kyle and I kept remarking how crazy it was that we can drive half an hour in Virginia Beach and STILL be in the same city.

Luxembourg City was a neat little place. The center was more urban than I expected, and the city was filled with cream-colored buildings and churches with tall steeples. We spent most of our time exploring the Bock, a promontory in Luxembourg City's historical district. Over the centuries, the Bock was repeatedly attacked and rebuilt. The Treaty of London, which was signed in 1867, stopped the battles. Ruins of the Bock and its complex underground system of passages (known as the casemates) are a major tourist attraction today. It's a really cool area because the ruins stand on a massive cliff above the River Alzette.

I'm still amazed that we drove through Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium all in one day. We were so glad we took advantage of our last day in Germany to road trip around Western Europe.