Savannah, Georgia

Live oaks and heritage trees lined the streets of Savannah, creating a hauntingly beautiful canopy of green foliage. Charming cobblestone streets were abundant, as were genuine gestures of Southern hospitality. When Michael and I first arrived, we grabbed lunch at Henry's. The shrimp and grits instantly caught my eye. Within minutes, a bowl of creamy grits, sautéed shrimp, peppers, onions, and bacon sat before me. The different flavors blended together perfectly and filled our booth with an outstanding aroma. We spent the rest of our day walking through town, browsing art galleries in City Market with cold cups of peach sangria. We also visited Forysth Park, basking in the rich greenery and relaxing on a bench near Forsyth Fountain. After a delicious dinner at The Melting Pot and a walk past SCAD, we headed to Historic River Street. The cobblestone walkway was shimmering beautifully with the reflection of the moon in the night sky. Eclectic tourist shops littered the riverfront, advertising souvenirs and sweets. I couldn't resist purchasing a small snowglobe and a shot glass. I'm a sucker for tourist traps. My souvenir collection is getting a little out of hand. At least I can admit I have a problem, right? Eventually, we crossed the street and strolled along the Savannah River. Talented musicians sat along the waterway, strumming guitar strings and singing softly. The scene was picturesque, especially when a young boy approached me with a flower he had picked and shyly ran away.

Shortly after resisting the urge to empty our wallets on fudge and candy at River Street Sweets, we headed back to The Thunderbird Inn. This hotel still ranks as one of my top favorites. The exterior was very retro, with bright green doors and colorful paneling. Moon pies were placed on each pillow in our room, and glazed doughnuts were served with orange juice and coffee in the morning. The hotel's groovy vibe was contagious, from the room's vintage bath ceramics to Elvis Presley crooning in the lobby jukebox. According to their website, The Thunderbird Inn is affectionately known as "the hippest hotel in Savannah". It was a great (and affordable) place to stay.