10 Things to Do in San Diego

Are you visiting San Diego this year? If you're looking for some fun things to do or delicious places to eat, look no further! Here are 10 things we did during our time in San Diego.

  • Take the ferry to Coronado Island. The white, sandy beaches on Coronado Island have been rated some of the best in the nation. You don't want to miss them! You can also walk through Downtown Coronado (there are some really fun shops and restaurants there), and explore the Hotel Del Coronado (which opened in 1888). If you don't like the idea of traveling by ferry, you can drive over the San Diego-Coronado Island Bridge and reach the same destination.
  • Walk around Balboa Park. We explored the greenhouse and spent time outside on the grounds. On a day with great weather, this is an absolute must-do. There were several families with young children sitting on park benches and eating packed lunches. It was adorable.
  • Grab lunch at Mission Beach. At Mission Beach, we walked on the boardwalk and grabbed a delicious lunch at Amplified Aleworks. Mission Beach wasn't much different than our boardwalk in Virginia Beach, but Amplified Aleworks was awesome. The food was great, and they played a constant stream of Led Zeppelin.
  • See the seals at La Jolla. This was the highlight of our time in San diego! We walked around La Jolla Cove, watched the seals bark at each other and bask in the sunshine like swimsuit models, and even explored a cave underneath the gift shop.
  • Watch the sunset at Sunset Cliffs. Pretty self-explanatory, right? We watched the sunset with friends here, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The scenery was breathtaking! The weather, however, was much colder than expected. If you decide to do this in January, bring a jacket.
  • Eat a burrito at Lucho Libre: Kyle got an authentic California-style burrito for dinner, and he loved it. There were french fries inside. Yup. Amazing.
  • Drive to the Cabrillo National Monument: We didn't originally plan on visiting this monument, but the view of San Diego Bay was spectacular. I highly recommend it! 
  • Explore the Point Loma Tide Pools: The scenery here was fantastic. It was a short walk from the parking lot to the tide pools, and the view was beautiful. The tide pools are literally right around the corner from the Cabrillo National Monument, so you can visit them together.
  • Walk around Downtown San Diego: We drove/walked around the Gaslamp Quarter and saw the infamous convention center (where Comic-Con is held every year). We also got breakfast for dinner at Brian's 24, which was delicious.
  • Eat dinner at Blue Water Seafood: Oh my gosh. This was my favorite restaurant in San Diego. Actually, I think it's my favorite restaurant of all time! When you order at Blue Water, you choose your fish, your marinade, and how you want it served. For instance, you could get bourbon butter halibut tacos. Or, you could get blackened grouper over a salad. You customize your order completely, and you're guaranteed a fresh, delicious meal. They also serve amazing, crispy waffle fries and homemade ranch.

Have you been to San Diego? Would you add anything to this list? Comment below!

I Moved to Seattle!

Well, the title says it all. I'm officially a temporary resident of Seattle, Washington! I've been living in a duplex in North Seattle for about six weeks now, and I absolutely adore the Pacific Northwest. It's a beautiful corner of the United States, and I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

What am I doing in Seattle, you ask? Well, my visit back in January left me enamored with the Pacific Northwest. I was curious about Washington and what it would be like to move 3,000 miles away from my hometown. In April, I decided I was going to take the plunge by the end of the summer. In August, I shipped three huge boxes of my belongings to Seattle, hopped on a plane with my cat, Opal, and began my adventure! I've been good friends with my roommate, Michael, for almost a decade, and we're thoroughly enjoying exploring the city together. 

I'm only planning to stay in Seattle until Christmas. Since I didn't drive my car out here, I'm going to fly back to Virginia in December. It's difficult being away from my boyfriend, Kyle, and my friends and family, but I know this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I'm soaking it all in while I can.

So, there you have it! I'm excited to post about some of my adventures in Washington. These next few months are going to be a blast!